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The Lead Recycling Africa Project


The Lead Recycling Africa Project aims at identifying, monitoring and mitigating potentially polluting practices in the lead recycling industries of African countries. By improving the knowledge base on lead-acid battery recycling practices, the project aims at stimulating public debates about health and safety and pollution control standards on a local, national and international level. Furthermore, the project wants to facilitate information exchange and networking amongst groups working on sustainable industrial development in African countries and beyond.

Project activities encompass:

  • Fact finding studies on lead recycling industries in selected African countries
  • Dissemination of knowledge on standards and effective mitigation measures
  • Dialogue with decision-makers in African countries and internationally on means to reduce risks from lead recycling for human health and the environment.

Currently, the project is being implemented in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania and involves the following research organisations:

AGENDA for Environment and Responsible Development (AGENDA-Tanzania)

Pesticide Action Nexus Association (PAN-Ethiopia)

Center for justice governance and Environmental Action (CJGEA-Kenya)

Research and Education Centre for Development (CREPD-Cameroon)

Oeko-Institut e.V. (Germany)

The project is financed by donations that were collected between late 2014 and beginning of 2015. Further donations are welcome and will be used to broaden the above listed project activities.

All information gathered in this project will be published on this website. Additionally, a newsletter will inform about all project related news, as well as other developments around lead recycling in Africa and globally.